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What is Jewelweed?

Jewelweed, also known as Impatiens is an annual flowering plant that grows in damp, shady areas. It is usually found growing near poison ivy plants.

Jewelweed and Poison Ivy

Jewelweed has been used as a remedy for many skin irritations, such as poison ivy, poison oak, stinging nettles, bug bites, acne, ringworm and several other skin problems.

The plant contains chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties. These chemicals neutralize the irritating oils that have come in contact with your skin.

Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of jewelweed for preventing poison ivy rash, it seems to wash away the oil (urushiol) that causes the rash.

Our Jewelweed soap is made with all natural ingredients. It is made with Jewelweed plants, clay and with a combination of several  other essential oils. There are NO abrasives, artificial fragrances, colors or dyes, or preservatives in our Jewelweed soap.


How to use Jewelweed Soap

  Avoid Re-infection

Immediately wash all clothing and towels that may have come in contact with poison ivy in hot soapy water.

Each persons reaction to poison ivy and jewelweed could be different. It depends on skin sensitivity and the severity of exposure to poison ivy.

In severe or stubborn cases, please consult a doctor.

Different Reactions