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Castile Soap

My natural Castile soap is made almost entirely from olive oil. It has just a little coconut oil added to make it a harder bar and to give it a mild creamy lather. Choose from all natural unscented Castile or Rose Castile.

Some soap makers feel that any vegetable oil-based soap can be called Castile, even if it doesn’t contain any olive oil. Today, pure olive soaps are hard to find.

Gentle & Moisturizing

Castile soap is extremely mild and moisturizing. It helps the skin to maintain its elasticity. It is suitable for the very young to the very old and anyone in between with dry or sensitive skin. Olive oil attracts moisture from the air and prevents moisture loss from your skin. At the same time it allows the skin to carry out its natural functions such as sweating and shedding dead skin.   

My handcrafted Castile soap is made using the traditional cold process method. Glycerin is formed naturally and is retained in the soap. The glycerin also acts as a moisturizer. Glycerin along with the Olive oil helps to sooth and soften skin.  

Castile soap is an all natural bio-degradable soap that is very mild and can be used on all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

Castile soap was named after the region where it became famous, Castilla, Spain. Castilla had an abundance of olive groves. Olive oil was the main ingredient used in the production of Castile soap. They discovered that the oil from the olive trees produced a high quality soap.