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All Natural Pet Soap

My pet soap is all natural. It contains no harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives that might irritate your dog or cat’s skin. Easy to use on any furry animal. It is gentle on your pet making it perfect for sensitive skin. The natural glycerin is retained in the soap which is moisturizing and may help soothe dry itchy skin. It will leave your pet’s coat soft and silky with a fresh scent.

Pure Essential Oils

The pet shampoo bar contains eucalyptus lemon, citronella and a combination of several other pure essential oils that are insect and flea-repelling. It contains no tea tree oil or oatmeal which could be harmful to your pet. The soap lathers well and rinses off easily. It is a hard bar that will last a long time.

Commercial Shampoos

Commercial pet shampoos may contain detergents, artificial colors, and preservatives that can cause dry itchy hot spots on your pet.

The Humane Society of the United States

De-Skunking Your Dog recipe from:

Choose pet soap in a bar or dog bonz shape. It is easier and less messy to use than liquid pet soap.

Rub the bar of Pet Soap directly on your pet or lather your hands first and then apply to your animal’s fur. Rinse well and towel dry for a happy healthy pet!


Eucalyptus Lemon is a bug repelling soap for people. It can be ordered on the “Soap” page. The scent is fresh and strong, lemon-like and woodsy. It’s a great outdoors soap. It’s all natural. It’s made with insect repelling essential oils just like the pet soap. Great to take along camping to keep bugs away.

Mosquito Repellent Soap for People